Movies that make me zha zha zhu

Do you have those movies that, when you watch them, you can feel your blood start to race and your toes start to tingle? Where you're loving the movie but are so excited you kind of want to stop and go do something? These are some of those movies for me (no particular order). For different reasons, they inspire and motivate me.

Where the Wild Things Are

I know it's new, but I can't rave enough about this movie. It was beautiful and tender and a creative wet dream. It made me want to make and build and PLAY. So glad for the kid in all of us.

Stranger Than Fiction

In addition to providing me with a quirky storyline, the use of graphics and text, particularly at the beginning of the movie, is delightful. The simple, almost monochrome color pallet even manages satisfy color-hungry me. Throw in an anarchist bakery owner and overarching themes of getting out there and living life, and I was hooked.


Who doesn't love Amelie? I almost didn't put on my list because I didn't want to be cliche, but good lord you can't leave it off. It's a lovely story wrapped in a feast for your eyes. And, hello, it co-stars a photobooth!


Honestly, I can't put my finger on why I find this movie inspiring. Maybe it's the diner, waitress uniforms and the pies.

(I'm not a movie critic, so my descriptions are about to increase in lameness.)

Julie & Julia

Follow your passions. For me, this movie was funny and uplifting...a story about perseverance. It also made me miss Paris in a big way.


Julie Taymor (who directed it) is, in my lowly opinion, a visual genius. And, while Frida Kahlo herself was a bit of a loaded gun, the movie is full of passion, flair and amazing use of color (can you tell I really like color?).

500 Days of Summer

Zooey Deschanel and her style are reasons enough. That aside, the use of illustration, interesting shots (pinhole effect when she's riding her bike), and the soundtrack rocked.

Movies that I haven't seen yet but am fully anticipating will give me that same zha zha zhu: Handmade Nation, Beautiful Losers, and Herb and Dorothy.

I bet some of you are shocked there are no dance movies on here. :-)