That time we went to Texas in the summer

living out loud

Taken in June 2008 when this girl came to visit me while I was camping out in Texas for a couple of weeks. The goal was the ultimate Texas roadtrip.

- Buying a baby pool and using it to cool down in the front yard (Hello, June).

- Temporarily "adopting" a stray kitten that decided to make the yard its home.

- Taking said kitten on short car trips and nicknaming him Kitty in the Car.

- Feeding said kitten McDonalds and having it bring us dead birds.

- Taking said kitten to the nursing home to visit my grandmother and having it subsequently get loose.

- Discovering a place with $1 margaritas and managing to only have one.

- Trying to trick Allie into thinking Marfa was only 3 hours away (it's more like 5).

- Austin.

- Some of the best margaritas and Mexican food I've ever had on the Riverwalk in San Antonio.