Almost a love letter

patten's pond 3

I was searching for a specific photo at work today when I came across these images I shot back in 2005. In no time, I was flooded with a huge wave of nostalgia.

Kennebec River

Sometimes I get blindsided by how much I love my job and how incredibly lucky I am. Do I get pissed off? Absolutely. Is the work frustrating? More than you want to know. Have I been called names? You betcha. However, it also stimulates me intellectually and allows me to be creative. I can look at the work that I'm doing and know that I'm leaving something in this world a little better off (such a wonderful, selfish feeling). Beautiful rivers and trees are my remote office.

goodbye dam

I read a number of blogs, and there seems to be a growing trend with people quitting (or wanting to quit) their "day jobs" to pursue blogging or other creative ventures. I'm thrilled that these folks have found their passion and are trying to turn it into a way of life. At the same time, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to do what I do every day and that it is a passion.  

Discovering these photos also made me want to bust out a film camera again. I'm smitten looking at these photos.