A Visit from the Goon Squad

Starbucks Voguing

I have nothing against books that hook me right from the beginning, but there is an intense sense of fulfillment in a book that draws out that satisfaction and makes you wait for it. I have friends who gorge themselves on books, mainlining them in record number. I often prefer to savor my reads and have even been known to force myself to put a book down so that I'll have more to enjoy the next day.

A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan was good until more than halfway through when pieces began to magically fit together. It's at this point that I often find myself looking up, trying to catch the eye of someone around me so that I can experience that moment of contentment with someone else. Egan crossed space and time like a veteran time traveler. Plus, an entire chapter told in a compelling PowerPoint? Genius. Trust me.

*Busy, busy with planning a last minute press conference this week, but I just had to write something about this book.