Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter...convenient liberal fantasy or fun romp?


I really, really liked Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. So fun and everything a good liberal like me could ask for. Lincoln wielding an axe with more finesse than a member your band's color guard totally did it for me, and the nods to history (and revisionist history...hello? vampires?) culled from Lincoln biographies and other texts kept me sated.

Should I point out that I couldn't help but think of the disservice we do ourselves by conveniently creating monsters to blame for the brutalities of the south and the Civil War? Or discuss how vampires are indeed an affective allegory* for the south? What about how blatant the character of Will Johnson fulfilled the role of Spike Lee's 'magical negro'?

I'd be lying if I said that all of the above didn't cross my mind while watching the movie. Sometimes I don't want to analyze a movie though. I don't want to think critically, picking it apart and thinking about why it might not be a shining example of cinema or messaging. Often, I just want to enjoy it, and you know what? I did. All I needed was some good ass-kicking fun with the bad guy getting his comeuppance, and this movie delivered.

*Alright, grammarians, did I use this one correctly?