Introducing my coffee map...

Over the years, I've written hundreds of words on how I feel about coffee and coffee shops. Some people might think I need a better hobby. Whatever. This is so one of those wormholes I plan on following to its brilliant end! 

Some of the tools in my travel toolbox (more on this in another post) are posts and reviews by fellow bloggers sharing reflections on their own cities or reviews of local establishments. I cull through these when planning road trips or heading to another part of the country for business and use these recommendations to build out my itinerary and give myself options.

What better way to kick off the new site than to fine-tune some of my own reviews and create a map of some of the coffee shops I've visited around the country! If you're planning a road trip and are wondering where you'll get your caffeine/wifi fix, this map is a good place to start. You can download each region as a KML file and upload it into your own map. Also, where feasible, I've linked to posts or included other information with brief thoughts on the establishment in question.

From one addict to another, I feel the need to tell you that I may have a hard time reigning myself in now that I've started mapping all the different coffee shops I've visited. Suddenly, I'm daydreaming of road trips for the sole purpose of adding another coffee shop to the map.

Tell me what coffee shops I need to try in your town!